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Women can be a professional  Poker player and many women were remembered by players because of their skill and performance during the game.

Women in  poker online asia Game

 Women in card game tournament are common right now. It is because many women see the former successors in Poker game and they want to follow it. One name you need to consider when you talk about woman in card game is Calamity Jane. She was the first notable female player on the game table and WSOP quick assessment may tell that women will give impact during the open game.

Fighting Women in  Poker 

Following to the success of Jane, Jennifer Harman was the first woman ever to win not only one but 2 WSOP bracelets in the open events. Open event means that the players are not only women in particular but men also play. Harman won the WSOP bracelets in 2000 at the No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball and the second bracelets in the same year at $5000  Poker Limit Holdem.

The first bracelet was so precious before because she had never learned and played any card game variation before. You know before if Nani Dollison and Barbara Enright have each 3 gold bracelets. However, among 3 bracelets, only one bracelet came from the open events. The other two came from the special events for women.

Meanwhile, though there are so many female  Poker players, Enright was the first woman to be inducted and featured in Hall of Fame for this game. Joining them, there are many female champions appear during the tournament.