The Adventures of GRK!

Today I’m delighted to welcome to Literature for Lads the author of the popular GRK series of books, Josh Lacey. The GRK books have been shortlisted for both the Blue Peter and Branford Base awards and have seen GRK (a small dog with black eyes, white fur with black patches and a perky little tail) and his owner Tim embark on adventures all over the world.

GRK’s latest adventure, ‘GRK and the Phoney Macaroni’ takes them to the home of Pizza, Pasta and the leaning tower of Pisa.  Italy is a country Josh has visited many times and he loves the people, the culture, the weather and of course, the food!

In an exclusive guest post for Literature for Lads Josh explains how the adventures of GRK are often based around where he wants to eat…

(Watch out for the Literature for Lads review of GRK and the Phoney Macaroni appearing later this week)

When I’m thinking about a new Grk book and deciding what to write about, only one question really matters to me. Where do I want to eat?
If you haven’t met him, or read about him, I should tell you that Grk is a small dog who has (so far) had eight crazy, exciting and funny adventures in different countries around the world. He’s climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building. He’s whizzed around in planes, trains, bikes, rickshaws and speedboats. And he’s eaten a lot of food.
Grk has eaten hot dogs in New York, feijoda in Rio de Janeiro, spicy curries in Delhi and succulent chicken pie in Sydney. He has explored our planet through its tastes.
Wherever he goes, I go too, and I only want to travel to a place where I’m going to enjoy the food.
When I’m at home, spending my days with my computer, staring at the screen, writing the Grk books, I make sure that I carry on eating appropriate food too. When I was writing Grk and the Hot Dog Trail, I gorged on burgers. After I’d finished Grk Smells a Rat, I couldn’t eat another poppadom for months.
My own favourite national cuisine is Italian, so you might have thought that Grk wouldn’t waste a moment before heading to Rome, Naples or Bologna, but it’s only in the eighth book about his adventures that he’s finally got there.
While he was there, did he get the chance to eat some glorious pizza? Did he scoff plates piled with pasta, munch mouthwatering mozzarella, and gobble slices of parma ham and chunks of parmesan cheese? Of course he did, and I did too.
I haven’t decided where Grk might go next. I don’t even know if I’ll write another book about Tim and Grk. But if I do, it’ll have to be somewhere with delicious food.
I did ask Grk this very question, and he knew the answer immediately: he doesn’t care. He loves food. All food. He’d happily chomp on Swedish herrings, Swiss fondue or South African biltong. There’s only one thing he can’t stand, and that’s having an empty stomach.
Where should Grk – and I – go next? Where would be the best place for us to get a great snack? Which country has the best grub in the world? If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

You can contact Josh via his website where you can also find out more about GRK and the other books Josh has written.