Six Days

Book Summary (taken from Amazon UK):
In a ruined future, an extraordinary artefact from the past lies buried. Everyone wants it. But why? What is it? And how can it save them all? For scavs Cass and Wilbur, slaving to dig it up, there are no answers. But when two strangers from another time turn up claiming to know about the lost relic, their world will change for ever. Six Days. If you thought you knew how the world began … think again.
Literature for Lads review:
‘Six Days’ is set in a future London which we are to assume has been involved in a major war involving bio-chemical weapons.  Not all human life has been destroyed though and the survivors are the ‘Scavs’ controlled by the oppressors the Vlad’s (New Russians?).  Scavs must spend each day searching for an artefact, yet no one has ever seen it or even knows what it looks like.
This young adult book crosses both the dystopian and science fiction genres but at it’s heart it is very much an adventure story.  Although slow to start the pace picks up after the first few chapters when we realise that Cass and Wilbur only have six days to accomplish their mission. As the time slowly ticks down on Cass’ wrist the tension mounts.
Cass and Wilbur, both Scavs, are the two main characters with Cass being instantly likeable.  She is gutsy, courageous and intelligent , whilst at all times protecting her younger brother Wilbur.  The relationship between Cass and Wilbur is one of the main threads running through the book and Webb expresses the thoughts of each sibling to the other expertly.
Although our main protagonist Cass is a girl, boys will enjoy the Science Fiction elements of the novel.  As the story progresses it becomes much more of a Science Fiction adventure as we meet beings from other worlds, travel into space and encounter the strange part machine-part human ‘Okhotniks’.
As a debut novel there is lots to enjoy here and I was pleased that what I thought was going to be another dystopian fiction novel actually developed into something a little more interesting.  Webb has written a story that although a little bit of a slow burner will engage you if you give it time.  Once hooked you will enjoy the engaging characters, the clever plot and most enjoyable of all,  Webb’s wonderful imagination.