Mondays are Red

Today I’m delighted to be reviewing an e-book for the 1st time.  ‘Mondays are Red’, written by Nicola Morgan and originally published in 2002 has been republished by Nicola’s own publishing arm Crabbit Publishing in e-book format only. This has been a brave decision by Nicola but one which I’m sure will delight her readers.

Mondays are Red; Crabbitt Publishing; November 2011 (Kindle Edition)

Book summary(from Nicola Morgan press release):

When Luke wakes from a coma, his world has altered. His senses are confused and a sinister creature called Dreeg inhabits his mind. Dreeg offers him limitless power – even the power to fly. The temptations are huge but the price is high. Who will pay? His mysteriously perfect girlfriend? His sister, Laura? When Laura goes missing, Luke realises the terrible truth about himself and his power. His decision is a matter of life and death, and he will have to run faster than fire.

This book has given me one of the strangest reading experiences I’ve ever had!  From the very 1st page it was a complete and utter attack on my senses. My mind was filled with colours, sounds, tastes and smells as Nicola Morgan introduced me to the world of synaesthesia. A world where “Mondays are Red, sadness has an empty blue smell and music can taste of anything from banana puree to bat’s pee.”

We meet teenage Luke as he lies awakening from a meningitis induced coma.  As he lies on his hospital bed he becomes aware of someone (something?) lurking inside his brain. This character is Dreeg who will lead Luke astray, encourage him to rebel and offer him unrivalled power and glory. However as the story progresses it is clear that Luke will pay the price for this power.

‘Mondays are Red’ is a thoroughly interesting book which will definitely make the reader think when they put it down.  With clear roots in Faustian legend Dreeg is a compelling character.  Able to transform at a moment’s notice into various nauseating beings he is Luke’s personal Satan, willing him down the path of trouble.

As Luke continues on his quest for power Morgan continues to mesmerise us with her use of language. The fact that Luke is suffering from synaesthsia allows her to attack our senses from all angles. Descriptions and language are at times a “…kaleidoscopic shower. Beautiful and confusing.”

Running alongside this combination of imagery and legend is a an extremely creepy horror story. It features metal masked men, spooky woods, missing teenagers and many ‘not sure if I really want to read on’ moments. The whole book is extremely atmospheric and in the last few chapters you can almost hear the crackles of the flames as they leap from tree to tree in the aforementioned woods.

This is a book which has taken a serious issue and dealt with it in an unusual but effective way.  Love may be at the heart of the story but this is no traditional love story. It’s a gripping read which will scare you, enlighten you and will leave you with more questions then answers when you are finished.

Marks out of 10:8

(Thanks to Nicola Morgan for supplying the Kindle copy of the book)

This new Kindle edition of the book includes creative writing from pupils at St Laurence School, Wiltshire, based on ‘Mondays are Red’ as well as some extra information from Nicola herself.

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For more information on Nicola Morgan visit her website

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