Ailenated – Help create a new book!

As well as bringing you regular book reviews (apologies for the gap over the last couple of weeks – the day job has been getting in the way…) we also like to bring you news about exciting new projects in the world of literature.  One such project which has come to our attention over the last couple of weeks is something called Alienated.

With the many and varied distractions available to young readers (and, some might argue, especially boys!) Alienated is looking at new ways to engage readers from very early on in the writing process. With this in mind readers are invited to get involved and send reviews and feedback on Alienated – the memoirs of Sherman Capote, the only human boy in the High School at Area 51, even before it is published.

In this unusual move, readers are being included in the creative process of developing the book. At readers can read the first 3 chapters of Alienated and provide invaluable feedback on the direction of the story. In a further collaboration, readers can also enter a competition to draw their interpretation of one of Sherman’s alien classmates. The winner will be included in the finished book in the form of a Yearbook entry. Readers are also kept up to date with all new developments, such as the newly designed school logo, via the Alienated blog.

This looks to be a really exciting development in the writing of children’s books – it opens up and demystifies the whole writing process for children.  If you are interested all of the details of how to get involved in both the reading and the competition are at