100 words on Libraries – Day 5

Welcome to the fifth and final day of 100 words on Libraries.  I’ve really enjoyed each of this weeks posts and I’ve found it fascinating to read the thoughts of authors (and others) on Libraries.  What has struck me most is the love that each of our contributors has for Libraries and, maybe just as important, how vital they feel libraries are to all of us.  

Today’s final contribution from author Theresa Breslin highlights the importance of libraries in our local communities.  Theresa was instrumental to the day of action which too place outside the Scottish Parliament last February in what was the start of a concentrated year of national campaigning for libraries, which has culmniated with National Libraries Day. 

Happy National Libraries Day tomorrow, remember Use it, Love it, Join it!

Theresa Breslin

In this digital age and in the present economic climate libraries and librarians, both public and school, are absolutely crucial. One of the fundamental roles of libraries is to provide access for everyone to any information they may require, with librarians to help them find and evaluate that information. Trained staff guide choice and promote reading initiatives.

The provision of literature for self-advancement or for pleasure promotes literacy, cultural awareness, and social and emotional competence. In addition to this libraries are social spaces hosting a many and varied range of activities. The library is the beating heart of a community.

Photos and video from last years day of action at the Scottish Parliament…(photos courtesy of Scarpa)
Theresa Breslin is the popular multi-award author of over 30 books for young people. She won the Carnegie Medal for Whispers in the Graveyard, a compelling story of a dyslexic boy and last year Prisoner of the Inquisition was voted favourite by the Carnegie Shadowing Groups. Divided City is a sell out show at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow.

For more information and to find out what is happening in your area for National Libraries day visit the National Libraries Day Website

You can also follow National Libraries Day on Twitter @NatLibrariesDay and keep in touch with the latest events with hashtag #NLD12