100 words on Libraries – Day 3

National Libraries day is getting ever closer and we continue our celebration of libraries with day 3 of 100 words on Libraries.  Today’s contributions come from author Jonathan Meres who makes the case for libraries having to move with the times, fellow author Keith Gray acknowledges the enourmous impact his local library has had on his life and Deputy Head of Stewart’s Melville College, Neal Clark shares his vision of what a school library should be…

Jonathan Meres 

“Once upon a time libraries were places where you went solely to read and borrow books.  They were places where you got glared at for wearing a loud shirt.  They were places that the vast majority of the community never actually set foot in.  And whilst on one hand there are people who would argue that in an ideal world, that’s how libraries should still be – on the other hand, those people are wrong.  And besides, as everyone knows, it’s not an ideal world – and hasn’t been since I was nine.  In an age where it’s possible to download a book anytime, anywhere, libraries are being forced to move with the times. This is a good thing – not a bad thing.  Coffee shops?  Computers?  Games consoles?  Who cares?  Whatever it takes to get bums on seats.  And stamps in books.”

Keith Gray


“I grew up in a house without books, but luckily the local library was a ten minute bike ride away. I admit I didn’t read absolutely everything I borrowed, but the act of browsing the shelves was a pleasure in and of itself. And I soon figured-out that a library is a room of a million doors and a million windows, all leading to new worlds, strange peoples, real passions and huge dreams. I wouldn’t be a reader without my local library. Which means I wouldn’t be a writer either. Let’s be honest, I doubt I’d even be me.”

Neal Clark


“A library should be the soul and imagination of an organisation – it is the guardian of history, the wellspring of experience and the intellectual seedbed of its users.”

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