100 words on Libraries – Day 2

All of this week on the blog we are celebrating National Libraries Day, taking place on Saturday 4th February, by asking authors for 100 words on Libraries. Today’s contributions come from Scottish writers Cathy MacPhail and Julie Bertagna.  Cathy talks about her fond memories of libraries as a child, whist Julie compares libraries to lifeboats! More contributions tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Cathy MacPhail

“My mother was never out of the library. She was a widow with four little girls and three jobs to support them. She couldn’t afford to buy books so libraries were her lifeline. And where she went, her four daughters went too.  My mother loved reading, and I could never get over the fact that she could walk out of the library with a pile of books and didn’t have to pay for them. She loved a good murder-always headed for the crime section. Raymond Chandler, Dashiel Hammet, A.A.Fair- Now know to be Erle Stanley Gardner- I knew them all long before I knew about Enid Blyton . Libraries bring back so many wonderful memories of my childhood.”

Julie Bertagna

“Libraries are lifeboats. Just think: you have access to all the books and ideas in the world – for free! That gives you great power – the power to understand the world, to imagine who you might become and what you could do. Books were my lifebelts when I was growing up. They took me on exciting journeys and gave me a sense of escape and possibility. Now I am an author and write books that you can find in your library. Free access to a local library all through my life helped me to make that dream come true.”