Author Interviews

Author Interviews

Forthcoming Interviews

We regularly interview authors here at Literature for Lads quizzing them on everything from writing tips to what they are currently reading themselves. Links to our previous interviews are below…

Coming soon!: Keith Gray

Here are the links to our previous author interviews.

Jonathan Meres – author of the extremely amusing World of Norm series

Former Perrier Comedy Award nominee (fact) Jonathan now writes extremely funny books for kids. Find out what he thinks kids find funny and why he gave up his stand up comedy career

Cliff McNish – author of The Hunting Ground, Breathe and The Doomspell Trilogy

Find out the what Cliff thinks makes a good ghost story and what’s the scariest book he has read.

Nicola Morgan –
author of Mondays are Red, Wasted, Deathwatch, Fleshmarket and many others.

Nicola talks about her decision to republish her debut novel, Mondays are Red in an e-book format and how she feels about the book ten years after it was published.

Joe Craig – author of the ‘Jimmy Coates’ series.

Joe talks about where he got the idea for the ‘Jimmy Coates’ series, why he loves living in London and why you should never attempt to make him a sandwich!